Commercial Buyers

Looking for help? Looking for Properties?

Our company works one on one closely with buyers to help meet their goals. We have access to off-market, pre-market, developer, direct seller properties and listed properties.

We Represent high net worth & ultra high net worth clients as well as corporations.

A special skillset we have is helping first time commercial buyers understand the process & how to evaluate properties to find a great deal.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I had just sold my company and was researching commercial real estate to possibly invest in. I reached out to Joel Owens at All World Realty with questions. He helped me with the discovery process and how to analyze & locate quality properties to buy. A few properties purchased so far and it has been a great experience working with him and his company to achieve my investing goals.

Jason Hodges

High Net Worth

I had initially made contact with Joel Owens through an investing website. I had stocks but didn’t like the volatility of the marketplace for long term & stable returns. I started researching commercial real estate for consistent & predictable annual income. Through many discussions by phone & e-mail I gained great insight and how to review properties to buy. I have made multiple purchases with Joel Owens at All World Realty & couldn’t be happier.

Jordan Sweetnam

High Net Worth

An Example of our Typical Buying Process


Initial Consultation by phone.


Buyer re-qualification of reviewing net worth & liquidity statement for loan pre-approval.


Continual process by e-mail & phone to refine goals & the target property sought.


Narrow down to a couple key quality properties to focus on.


Submit a LOI (Letter of intent) on one or more properties.


Review materials & confirm sellers numbers are correct while under accepted LOI


Proceed to purchase & sale agreement to execute the contract and escrow Earnest Money.


Perform due diligence items, order reports, get final loan approval & proceed to closing.


Work on transitioning & setting up accounts for new ownership for tenant instruction of rents & additional post closing items.


Review performance of asset over the next trailing 12 months & watch the market for additional opportunities to buy.

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